If you are interested in setting up your first free class with us, GREAT!!!  We cannot wait to get you on the road to the new you.  For your first two weeks we ask that participate in our ‘Basics’ course.  These classes will be held Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays by reservation only. When you are ready to attend your first, free class, please email us at Once you have completed your first 3 classes, you will be free to attend any classes you would like going forward.


  • April 27, 2015

    Warm Up- 3-5″ Partner Banded Runs 2RFQ: 10 Barbell Squat Snatch (Snatch + OHS if necessary) :30/side dynamic leg swings side to side (groin focus) 10 Barbell or PVC Sotts Press :30 Pull Up Hold (over bar)   Strength/Skill- 5RDS: 1 x Full Snatch @ 85%+ 10 x Drop Snatch down + OHS back up (95/65)*modify weight if necessary *Each new set begins every 2:00, you have 2:00 to complete the work and a NO bonus rest for each couplet.   WOD- 10 Front Squats 155/105 15 C2B Pull Ups 50 Double Unders 3 RFT
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Ballistic CrossFit Schedule

Ballistic CrossFit Schedule

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