November 16, 2019

Aerobic Capacity Week 5

Aerobic Capacity Warm-Up
EMOM x 16" (4 rounds)
A. Row (feet out/strapless)
B. Banded Good Mornings
C. Banded Pull Aparts
D. Plank (hands, arms locked out)
5k Row (Time)
Max Effort 5k Row

Set the monitor for
single distance and 5,000m
**Try your best but remember to vary your strokes per minute
so you don’t gas out early on**
Check your drag factor
Men: 125-135
Women: 120-125

Cool Down: Cash Out
Post workout foam rolling: 8"
1:00 Right Quad
1:00 Left Quad
1:00 Right Glute
1:00 Left Glute
1:00 Right Hamstring
1:00 Left Hamstring
1:00 Right Side of Back
1:00 Left Side of Back

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