October 17, 2019

Join us again this Friday, the 18th, for ‘Friday Night Lights’ as we take on 20.2!  We will start at 5pm, with Heats being released immediately after the workout is announced on Thursday!

Also, there will be no Noon, or Evening Classes on the 18th due to the Open Workout!


Handstand Push + Goat Work

EMOTM for 20":
Odd- Handstand Push Up Progression
Even- Goat Movement

*This is our 3rd Week of HSPU progressions. Today we will incorporate that work with another movement on the alternate minute. A ‘Goat’ movement is a weakness that you have to focus on. This is typically a higher skill movement, or even a movement that you are working on a better range of motion with! Work at a very moderate pace!!

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