Farewell Tiff, & Ted!

It is bittersweet to announce, but tomorrow will be the last day at Ballistic CrossFit of our very own Ted, & Tiffany Winston.  The Winston’s will be moving to Virginia on Wednesday, as Tiffany is being transferred for her new career in the medical field.  We are thankful for the time we were able spend with these two.  Ted has been with us since our beginning, and has been an extremely consistent face at the gym over the past 2 years.  So consistent, that it finally convinced Tiffany to join the gym.  We are so  appreciative of all the support, & love they have shown toward the Ballistic Family (they travelled to Cali to support the team last Summer).  These two have helped us build our gym, and its because of people like them they we are successful.  We are sad to lose the Winston’s, but we know this next phase of their life means success, and positive growth for their family.  May God bless both of you, and just remember that you will always be Ballistic Athletes!!!

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