March 17, 2015

Warm Up-

3″ Row

10m  Bear Crawl Forward, Backward

10m Inchworm

10m Crabwalk to the Right, then to the Left

x 2



12, or 16″ Ping Pong:

A: :20 Wide Grip max Bench or Floor Press @ 85%+ (Does not follow 30X0 tempo)

B: 5 plyo pushups onto elevated surface (slow down, explode up onto surface, reset before next rep) *high as possible

C: :30 max rep deficit HSPU or Parallette HSPU (does not follow 30X0 tempo) (2×45/25)

*Do Standard HSPUs if necessary

D:  Rest



In Teams of 2:

90 sec Max Cal Row

90 sec Max Rep KB Snatches 70/44

4 Rounds, Record Total Cals & Total Snatches

*One partner Rows, while other does Snatches.  Switch at :90, continuing this for 4 Rounds

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